“ We are happy to provide a reference for Damien and George Hoyland of Hoyland Constructions.

They are currently building a house for us at Black Range, Bega.

We have undertaken 2 house constructions and 2 renovations over the past 30 years and found them to be far and away the best builders we have dealt with.

Their knowledge of the building rules and regulations is extensive and has been important in ensuring the build meets Council requirements.

Their extensive building experience has been evident in their timely and relevant advice. This has ranged from advising on lower maintenance balcony railings to a more appropriate roofing colour and a solid enclosure of the under-storey. Their advice on moving the water tank and on the windows saved us a lot of time and money and has made for a better long term outcome.

We have found them to be honest and fair in their dealings with us. The quality of their workmanship has been very high and they are very good at solving the myriad problems which occur when building a house. Their quote was fair and reasonable and they have been careful to clearly negotiate any changes to costings at the best possible price. Their scheduling of work has been professional and they have kept us fully informed of progress. They have only sought progress payments from us for work done in accordance with the contract.

We would highly recommend them to anyone considering building a house."

- Goonrey

"We recently engaged Damien and George to reconstruct an 1890’s brick stable complex using original materials.  They were very dedicated and completed the building to its true character, taking into account every little detail.  We were more than happy with the end result.  Damien and George were very obliging and went out of their way to make it all happen. We were so impressed with their workmanship, we have already begun another project with Hoyland Constructions for this year”

- Russell

“ The Hoyland Constructions Team created our Commercial and Residential property "Mantle Hill", they exceeded all our expectations, their professionalism, excellentworkmanship and pride in their work wa a stand out.Damian Hoyland was extremely approachable, great to geton with and had very good ideas when we struggled, the construction of the building and particularly the finish todetail was impeccable.

In our dealings with Damian and his team we found them to be ethical, honest, trustworthy and actively listened to all our points of view and gave constructive advice. It is without hesitation that we recommend Hoylands Constructions.

We grant permission for Hoylands Construction to enter our premises Mantle Hill, 31 Merimbula Drive Merimbula into the Master Builders Associations Regional Awards.”

- Joseph